Global Medicine

The residency in Casper offers a structured Global Health Curriculum available to all interested residents. Our mission, to train doctors for practice in resource-limited areas, leads to a natural role in the arena of international medicine. Thus, we have developed curriculum and opportunities in the following areas:


Through our partnership with WWAMI, we are joining the efforts to support the Family Medicine residency in Malawi, East Africa while offering Global experiences for our residents. Interested 3rd year residents can spend a month at one of the 3 district hospital training sites.


The opportunity to participate in limited resource, cross-cultural medicine is only 2 hours away. Through our growing relationship with the Indian Health Service on the Wind River Indian Reservation, our residents may participate in ongoing efforts to provide support to Native American clinics.


The schedule of resident lectures throughout the three years includes didactic sessions in principles of global health, population medicine, and cross-cultural medicine.


Our faculty participate in a number if opportunities for faculty and residency development in developing countries.

Many of our faculty have recent experience in international consultation and/or service projects. Since 2006, faculty members have been involved in medical trips to Honduras, Brazil, Paraguay, Kazakhstan, China, Niger, Senegal, Rwanda, Malawi, and Haiti. This leads to a strong interest in cultivating this desire in our residents as well as helping them to find a voice on the Global Health stage.