Osteopathic Focused Track

The Osteopathic Focused Track is an integrated track for the Family Medicine resident who has acquired Osteopathic training during the medical school experience. The track is designed to train physicians to seamlessly incorporate osteopathic principles, philosophy and treatment into the daily practice of family medicine. All graduates of Osteopathic Medical Schools will participate in the Osteopathic Focused Track. Additionally, any graduates of Allopathic medical institutions are eligible if they have completed the required number of hours of training in Osteopathic medicine before entering residency. Residents who are a part of the Osteopathic Focused Track will:

  1. Integrate Osteopathic Principles/Philosophy into the daily practice of family medicine.
  2. Assess each patient in the outpatient setting to determine if they are candidates for treatment with Osteopathic Manipulation and if so provide appropriate treatment.
  3. Assess and provide Osteopathic Manipulation to appropriate patients in the hospital setting including participating in a 2 week rotation that incorporates rounding with an attending physician to provide guided treatment.
  4. Assess and provide osteopathic treatment to appropriate patients in long term care facilities.
  5. Present at least one article with an Osteopathic focus during journal club.
  6. Incorporate discussion of Osteopathic philosophy, principles or techniques into any presentations where such discussion would be appropriately integrated.