PGY-3 residents have the most flexible schedule. They also continue to increase their supervisory role within the residency. They have continuity clinic three half days a week, and take call an average of every fifth to sixth night. Some call is taken from home

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Community Medicine2 weeks

Community Medicine

Electives8 weeks

Two weeks of this elective time must be spent in a pediatric experience of the resident's choice. This may be a pediatric subspecialty, pediatric emergency department in Salt Lake City, or a rotation with a local pediatrician.

Emergency Medicine4 weeks

See description under the PGY-1 year.

Family Practice Inpatient6 weeks

See the description under the PGY-1 year. In the third year, the resident takes on the supervisory role for this service as FPI - Senior.

FPO Senior6 weeks

See description under PGY-2 year. The PGY3 serves as the OB/Peds team senior. Clinic is similar to the FPO resident, with additional experience in colpo clinic.

Geriatrics2 weeks

See description under the PGY-2 year.

Orthopedics6 weeks

As with the other subspecialties during the third year, the resident spends most of the rotation working one on one with the specialist in the office setting where a variety of problems are seen. The resident will gain casting and splinting experience and also participates in the OR.

Pediatrics (ER)4 weeks

The resident divides his/her time with several of our local pediatric specialists and services. This includes child adolescent psychiatry, child development services, child advocacy program for abused/neglected children and local specialty clinics provided by Denver Children's Hospital Specialists.

Practice Principles & Procedures6 weeks

This rotation will provide focused experience and training in common outpatient procedures in our Procedure Center. Procedure clinics include: OMM, ETT, Reproductive Health (IUD, EMBs, vasectomy), Lumps and Bumps, and Colposcopy Clinic (including LEEP). The resident also receives Practice Management experience with involvement in several committees and special programs, including CSI (Controlled Substance Initiative) & Anticoagulation Clinic and Immunization Clinic.

Rover4 weeks

See description under the PGY-2 year.