Mitchell Cooney, MD

Mitch was born and raised in northern Utah. His undergrad degree in Medical Laboratory Sciences was completed at Weber State University. He is interested to learn more about emergency med, sports med and wilderness med. He and his beautiful wife, Kori, have a 9-month-old son, Beckett. Kori has her master’s degree in education and they enjoy mountain biking, snow skiing, fly fishing, cooking and board games.

Katherine Gaker, DO

Katherine is from Lebanon, OH, about an hour outside of Cincinnati. She has a B.A. in English Literature from Rhodes College in Memphis, TN. She went to medical school at NYIT-COM in Jonesboro, AR. She is interested in rural full-spectrum Family Medicine and hopes to practice in a small town with a lot of fishing opportunities. She has a 7-year-old daughter, Margaret Tallulah, and she is an absolute peach! During the pandemic, she was certified as a yoga instructor and she hopes to incorporate yoga into her future practice. In her free time, she likes to fly fish, cook, knit and play the piano.

Courtney Isaacs, DO - Chief Resident

Courtney (Court) Isaacs and his family are from Boise, Idaho. Court earned his osteopathic medical degree and master’s in healthcare administration from Des Moines University. His spouse, Jessica (Jess) is currently working on her bachelor's in business administration; she is a registered medical assistant with 14 years of experience. They have one child, Braedyn, who plays the clarinet and is excited to finally join marching band! They have two dogs, Evey and Khaleesi. As a family, they enjoy spending time outside, in the mountains, or on their paddleboards. Court and Jess have both lived in Wyoming before and are excited to be back for residency training. Together, Court and Jess plan on opening a family practice clinic in Wyoming or Idaho after residen

Kellan Klubben, MD – Rural Training Track

Kellan is from St. Peter, MN. He graduated from undergraduate and medical school in South Dakota. His fiancé, Taylor, still lives in North Dakota where she works as a pharmacist. But she is excited to move here soon. They have two awesome dogs and enjoy most things outdoors.

Keenan Kuckler, MD

Keenan is from the University of Washington and grew up in Billings, MT. She comes from a large family and enjoys sitting and chatting with people to get to know them. She loves to crochet and will have yarn with her everywhere! She is married to Daniel and has a 3-month-old baby, named Emory. She loves animals and has a dog named Bear and a cat named Sprinkle. They love to be outside and they recently bought a camper and named him Jack Sparrow to go with their truck named the Black Pearl.

Roycia Lawrence, DO

Roycia joins our second year class of residents. She is the daughter of North Carolina transplants and was born and raised in Washington, DC. Recently, she spent the majority of her last ten years in Philadelphia, PA, where she attended the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. As for medical interests, Roycia enjoys women’s health and some hospital medicine. As for her hobbies, she is a big music fan and has a continued desire to see the world along with some great live performances!

Jacob Parmley, DO

Jacob is from Orem, UT. He and his wife, Livi, have three kids, Averie, William and Eloise. Having lived in Arkansas for the last four years, they are excited to be closer to home.

Emily Tutt, DO

Emily is a transplant from the great state of Texas! She grew up in Central Texas, did her undergrad in East Texas, and then medical school in North Texas, as well as rural rotations all around the state (and abroad!). She is so excited to be here in Wyoming and learn a new landscape and history. Emily is passionate about global medicine and, by extension, rural medicine. Her big, hairy goal is to settle in rural Texas and travel internationally every year teaching students. If Johnny Cash’s “I’ve been everywhere, Man” continues to be an accurate description of her life, she will be happy!