The PGY-2 resident has two to three continuity clinics weekly. Call averages every 14th night through the year, with some of that call taken from home. In this year, the resident moves into a supervisory role and takes on more responsibility for teaching the interns. The PGY-2 residents participate in a float system to cover senior call during the week.

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Cardiology4 weeks

The resident spends this rotation working with one of the local cardiologists. The resident gains a great deal of experience managing cardiac patients, interpreting stress tests, placing central lines, interpreting EKGs, and assisting with cardiac catheterizations. The resident rounds with the cardiologist in the ICU and the wards, as well as participates in outlying cardiology clinics.

Dermatology4 weeks

The resident works one on one with the dermatologist mostly seeing office patients. One has the opportunity to see a variety of dermatological pathology plus perform numerous surgical procedures, especially excisional biopsies.

Elective Rotations4 weeks

Residents may select and plan their own electives locally, or out of town.

Family Practice Inpatient2-4 weeks

See rotation description under PGY-1 year.

MSK Clinic2 weeks

MSK Clinic

ICU/Critical Care Medicine4 weeks

The resident works one on one with our critical care/pulmonology specialists. The resident gains experience in general ICU care, especially ventilator management. There are also pulmonology consults on the floors and a plethora of procedures including thoracenteses, chest tube placement, central lines, and intubations.

Internal Medicine4 weeks

For this rotation the resident will choose between Infectious Disease, Nephrology and Neurology.

Night Float6-8 weeks

The resident works as a team with the PGY-1 resident to cover the inpatient service M-Th, 5:30pm-7am while completing 2 continuity clinics a week. This rotation provides experience focused mainly on adult medicine, while providing continuity of care for all service patients and providing supervision for the PGY-1 resident.

Obstetrics / Gynecology4 weeks - Spokane

This rotation takes place in Spokane, Washington, where the resident works in a high risk/high volume setting on the labor and delivery floor. Our residents work under the direct supervision of Family Practice faculty and OB Fellows.

Pediatrics 24 weeks

The resident divides his/her time with several of our local pediatric specialists and services. This includes child adolescent psychiatry, child development services, child advocacy program for abused/neglected children and local specialty clinics provided by Denver Children's Hospital Specialists.

Practice Management4 weeks

This rotation is designed to give experience with practical aspects of running a practice, including billing and coding. Residents will learn to audit charts for billing and coding purposes, and will choose and complete a project related to how to run a practice or choose a job after residency.

Rover4 weeks

The Rover resident serves as a member of the OB-Peds inpatient team and performs daily rounds. The resident then has a high volume of clinics at the Wyoming Family Practice Clinic. This rotation prepares the resident for life after residency.

Rural Rotation4 weeks

During this rotation, the resident will have the opportunity to experience rural medicine in a small community. While there, the resident functions as one of the local physicians participating in daily clinics and taking call at the local hospital/ER. Several rural communities across Wyoming serve as sites for this rotation.