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Outpatient Procedures4 weeks

Performing outpatient procedures that benefit community-dwelling older adults. These will be performed in the ambulatory clinic and include a wide array of procedures for the geriatric population, including anticoagulation management, joint injections, minor dermatologic procedures, exercise treadmill testing, and osteopathic manipulation.

Palliative Care 3-4 Weeks in Salt Lake City, UT

Work with an inpatient palliative care team to assist with end-of-life and palliative care for older adults in the hospital setting. Fellow will rotate in the University of Utah Health and the University of Utah Huntsman Cancer Institute. Palliative care experience will also occur longitudinally as the fellow works with continuity patients and their families through transitions of life with their chronic illnesses. An understanding of how to optimize the quality of life for these patients will be gained during this rotation.

Geriatric Psychiatry3-4 Weeks in Phoenix, AZ

Working with a geriatric psychiatrist, the fellow will gain an understanding of how best to support and treat patients during acute psychiatric illnesses, delirium, and behaviors associated with dementia. The fellow will also work with counselors to gain exposure to counseling techniques for patients with psychiatric concerns.

Orthopedics2 Weeks

Alongside orthopedists, the fellow will assist in implementing care plans for fall prevention, care during and after acute fractures and joint replacements and treatment for osteoporosis.

PMR – Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation2 Weeks

Work with a PMR specialist, physical, occupational, and speech therapist in various settings including the local rehabilitation hospital, skilled nursing facilities, orthopedic clinic and outpatient care to expend their knowledge of the vast rehabilitation plans for older adults.

Geriatric Gynecology2 Weeks

Work with a gynecology specialist, focusing on outpatient common gynecological conditions in geriatrics such as post menopause bleeding, gynecological cancers, uterine prolapse, and Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Urology2 Weeks

Work with urologists in the outpatient and inpatient settings to be able to treat common acute and chronic urologic conditions afflicting older adults.

Pulmonology2 Weeks

Work through the spectrum from critical care in the ICU to cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and outpatient pulmonary follow-up. Pulmonary illness affects a large portion of older adults. During this time, the fellow will work with the ICU team providing clinical care and discussing goals of care with patients and families as relevant in the ICU setting and determining the best course for recovery for elders who survive an ICU stay.

Nephrology2 Weeks

Work with nephrologists in the inpatient and outpatient setting to enhance their skills for treating acute complications and chronic kidney disease.

Sensory4 Weeks

A combination of experiences in the treatment of visual, auditory, and dental complications of older adults as loss of senses causes profound decrease in a patient’s quality of life. The geriatric fellow will spend time with the local optometrists, ophthalmologists, audiologists, otolaryngologists, and dentists to gain experience in the management of common geriatric sensory issues including vision loss, hearing loss, and dental and periodontal disease.

Wound Care/Dermatology4 Weeks

Work with dermatologists and wound care specialists to assist with dermatologic disorders such as skin cancer and rashes, and chronic wound management. There is also a longitudinal component as the geriatric fellow will work with wound care teams in skilled nursing facilities to implement care plans to assist with wound healing.

Podiatry2 Weeks

Work with local podiatrists in outpatient clinics and in skilled nursing facilities to treat common foot problems.

Neurology 4 Weeks

Work alongside local neurologists and neuropsychiatrists, the fellow will gain expertise in cognitive testing, stroke prevention and management, and other common neurologic disorders in the elderly such as Parkinson’s Disease. Will also develop care plans with patients and their families to maximize functionality and independence.

Practice Management 2 Weeks in Laramie, WY

Work with a geriatrician, Dr. Emma Bjore, to gain experience in chronic care and management in a clinical practice setting that provides care to older adults The fellow will learn about payment systems at various levels of care and safety nets available for community-dwelling elders.

Oncology2 Weeks

Work with local oncologists to learn to manage the risk/benefit balance of oncologic interventions in elderly patients. Learn to coordinate goals of care with curative and palliative interventions along with the continuum for older adults with cancer.

Senior Wellness4 Weeks

The Fellow will rotate with the NERD Wellness Center at Banner Wyoming medical Center and the local senior center to focus on the role that remaining active or returning to maximal function plays for community-dwelling older adults. This rotation will focus on primarily preventative health care and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle to keep this generally healthy older population functional and independent.


Geriatrics Interprofessional Assessment Clinic
Home Visits
Hospital Geriatric Consultations
Primary Care Geriatrics Clinic
Skilled Nursing Facilities


Grand Rounds with Colorado VA System
ECHO lectures with WYCOA
Geri A-Float Sessions
One on One Discussions with Core Faculty
AGS/ADGAP Leadership & Life Skills