Matt Balls, DO

Matt and his family moved back to the small town of Payson, Arizona, a town of with 13,000 people. He is working for Banner Health as an outpatient physician. He will have the option to cover the hospital, urgent care and the ER after six months. The hospital CEO is also looking for him to cover OB.

James Calamia, DO

James headed back to Spokane, WA, in the area where he grew up. His family still resides there. He will be working at an outpatient Family Medicine clinic for Providence Medical Group treating patients of all ages. James is excited to start this new chapter of his life!

Katrina Culmer, DO

Katrina is doing full scope Family Medicine in Plains, Montana. She will be doing some obstetrics, but mostly outpatient clinic. Katrina is a little bit closer to home, Canada!

Jared Lambert, MD

Jared and his family moved to Arlington, WA, to practice outpatient medicine. Arlington is a little smaller than Casper and is nestled at the base of the Cascade Mountains. He will miss Wyoming, but hopes to return soon.

Damian Lara, MD

Damian will continue treating rural populations in Smithville, TX, with Premier Family Physicians of Austin. He and his wife are excited to finally reunite with their Texas family over real BBQ!

David Pratt, DO

David and his family are moving to Ely, Nevada, where he will see patients of all ages while practicing outpatient Family Medicine. He hopes to build a clinic focusing on preventive medicine and health optimization. They are looking forward to building a home and a small hobby ranch.

Tim Tetzlaff, MD

Tim headed back home to work in Harney County District Hospital in the small town of Burns, Oregon. He is working in an outpatient clinic as a Family Medicine physician, with the addition of covering the ED and the hospital. Tim feels extremely grateful to have learned rural FM in Wyoming, “I will forever be indebted to you all and I will always think fondly of all the people here that helped train me and deepen my knowledge of medicine and assist in my growth as a person, husband and father.”

Patty Tu, DO

Patty will be doing outpatient medicine in Nevada. In typical laid back, Patty style, she did not have much else to add.

Erin Gurney, PharmD

Erin headed to Utah for a Clinical Innovations Fellowship with the University of Utah. She will be providing ambulatory care pharmacy services to a private clinic in Salt Lake City, while assisting with courses at the University Of Utah College Of Pharmacy.

Austin Moehnke, PharmD

Austin plans to head back to the West Coast to spend some time with family before pursuing work in psychiatric pharmacy. He is currently applying to positions in correctional facilities, state hospitals and other opportunities to work with patients that struggle with mental health.